My Highlander Cruise Pictures!

(This would be Peter, me, and Jim!)

My pictures from the Highlander Cruise, November 14-17, 1997, aboard the Sovereign of the Seas as we sailed to the Bahamas

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My Cruise Report

Page 1: Pictures of the Ship

Page 2: The Q&A, page 1

Page 3: The Q&A, page 2

Page 4: The Q&A, page 3

Page 5: The Yellowbird Tour in Nassau

Page 6: The Meet and Greet the Guests Party

Page 7: Our Trip to Cococay

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You are welcome to use these pictures, so long as you show me their new home! :) Well, except for the one at the bottom of this page, given to me out of the kindness of Gypsy's heart! Thanks, Gypsy!!

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