Nassau and the Yellowbird Shore Excursion

This was taken from the Yellowbird Tour, standing on the little balcony at the front of the ship.

Yup, that would be me, standing at the front. (Heck, we'd even been dancing up there! Well, what do you expect with all the rum runners you can drink?? ;) )

A lovely shot from the front of the Yellowbird.

How could I resist taking pictures of this beautiful place?

Umm...ditto. :)

And this is the wonderful deserted beach we landed on. It was perfect.

This is the guy who tried to talk us into renting a wave runner. It was my first haggling experience, but I wasn't even trying! Luckily, two guys showed up who were interested, or we might still be there (or maybe not so luckily... ;) ).

On the way back to the cruise ship, we had a limbo contest on the lower level of the Yellowbird. Needless to say, most of us had enjoyed too many rum runners to do very well. But it was great fun.

I also had to get a shot of the ocean. Being from Colorado, I don't get to see endless water that often!

To the pictures from the Meet and Greet the Guests Party...

You may use these pictures as long as you show me their new home! :)

Harem Hostess