The Meet and Greet the Guests Party

This would be me, meeting Peter! :)
(Thanks to Gypsy for providing this picture for me!)

First, let me say that my pictures came out a little too dark to scan well, so they appear dark or washed out, but you can get an idea of what is was like. Luckily for me, they look great in person! :)

Here's a closeup of me and the gang.

Here we are, joined by Maxi...

...and finally joined by Mike.

Here's Maxi and the guests. From left to right: Donna, Gillian (hidden behind Donna), Peter, Jim, Maxi, Elizabeth, and David. (I took this from the table at which we were sitting.)

Maxi evidently caught Liz's attention..

Here's brash little me, after having asked Jim if he minded me standing up with him...(Yup, that would be me arm in arm with JB, to the right.) I'm not sure why David and Gillian were pointed towards me...

Me again. Let's see...I'll take the second two from the left... (Hey, a gal can dream, can't she? ;)

Hard to see them, unfortunately, but Mike and Maxi are right behind me. (I just had to get a harem shot!) Now Peter, just tilt your head a little closer... (oops, dreaming again... ;)

Is it just me, or does Liz seem to be looking at our handyman...

On to heaven, also known as Cococay...

You may use these pictures as long as you show me their new home! :)

Harem Hostess