Do You Know the Way to Cococay?

This picture was sheer luck. This is taken on the boat from the Sovereign to the island of Cococay. I wanted to take a picture of the loading process, so I snapped one randomly. It wasn't until I developed the film that I noticed the last person in line!

Oh, there he is...

Here's a part of Cococay. A beautiful place!

Donna and Gillian invited us to a game of "Stump the Writers." Those who were successful won trading cards or pictures. Gillian is in the straw hat with the red band, Donna is next to her. (That's our ship in the background, too.)

...and look who we happened to come across! You can't see it, but my arm is around his back. *THUNK*

I hung around for a while after talking to them, enjoying the scenery! (Note the Clan Denial in red shirts.)

Our harem handyman asked Peter if he wouldn't mind taking a picture with a guy. Peter's response - "Of course not! We'll be manly men." he said as he struck this pose. Umm..yes, Peter, you do that terribly well...

After Cococay, we headed back to the ship for one more concert by Jim. Seen here is David Abromowitz dancing with his wife and the back of Liz's new guy as they danced. A great time was had by all!

Back to the beginning...

You may use these pictures as long as you show me their new home! :)

Harem Hostess